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Below please find our superb selection of games and puzzles for all ages. Customers come from all over so as to provide friends, relatives, and family with unique and fascinating challenges and just plain fun! Also, be sure to check out Ravensburger/FX Schmidt Puzzles for an outstanding collection of jigsaw puzzles! Click on any product for more information!

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Fact: Some consider Tycho Brahe to be the greatest observer of astronomy of all time. He firmly believed that accurate observations were the key to improving the study of stars. With the support of the King of Denmark, whose life was saved by the fatal heroism of Brahe's uncle, Tycho established the observatory, Uraniburg, on the island of Hven.

It was considered the best observatory in Europe and from it, Brahe studied the supernova of 1572, the comet of 1577 and the motions of the planets. He cataloged over 1000 stars with just a compass and sextant.

His observations proved to him that Aristotle's contentions that comets were atmospheric phenomena and that the heavens were unchanging were wrong. Basing his thinking on traditional Ptolemic views, Brache developed a system in which the planets revolved around the Sun, which in turn revolved around a stationary Earth. Tycho Brahe was also the mentor of Joannes Kepler, who would later go against Brahe's theories and develop the three laws of planetary motion.

His last words, recorded by Kepler, were, "Ne frusta vixisse vidar" (May I not seemed to have lived in vain").

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