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Vixen Telescopes
Vixen provides excellent optical tubes which can be used with their respected Vixen Mounts and Tripods. Please check Vixen Tripods, Mounts, etc. to learn about these mounts.

To learn more about any model, just click the model name.

You can also browse our selection of Vixen Optics Accessories or Vixen Oculars. For even more information, check out the Vixen Optics site.

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Mini-Category Model Item # Price Shipping
Achromatic Refractor - 70 mm A70Lf with Mini Porta Mount V2602mini $329.99 
Achromatic Refractor - 70 mm A70Lf with Porta Mount V3225 $399.99 
Achromatic Refractor - 70 mm Space Eye 70 V32752 $199.99 
Achromatic Refractor - 80 mm A80Mf with Porta Mount V3226 $499.99 
Apochromatic refractor 80mm ED 80SF Optical Tube V2618 $699.99 
Apochromatic refractor 80mm ED 80SF w/ PortaMount V3228 $899.99 
Cassegrain VMC110L w/ Porta Mount V33530 $499.99 
Cassegrain VMC110L w/ SkyPod V25006 $1499.99 
Cassegrain VMC95L w/ Mini-Porta Mount V33923 $459.99 
Reflector - 130 mm R130Sf with Porta Mount V3354 $499.99 
Fact: What's the difference between a frog and a toad?

Frogs usually have smooth, moist skin and spend most of their lives in or near water. Toads usually have dry, warty-looking skin and spend more time living on land.

Scientifically, things are a more complicated. Besides the true frogs (Ranidae) and toads (Bufonidae), there are separate families for tree frogs, spadefoot toads, poison-arrow frogs, and several other groups. The order that contains all the frogs and toads is called Salientia (from a Latin word that means "leaping") or Anura ("tailless").

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